BDS Grenade Pre-workout - Blue Raspberry
BDS Grenade Pre-workout - Blue Raspberry
BDS Grenade Pre-workout - Blue Raspberry
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BDS Grenade Pre-workout - Blue Raspberry

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Build Muscle
Weight Loss
Improve For Sport

BDS Grenade Preworkout

•    Energy
•    Focus
•    Endurance

The maximum strength pre-workout for optimum energy and laser focus

•    3 grams Beta Alanine
•    3 grams Citrulline Malate
•    350 mg Caffeine Complex
•    Performance Complex
•    Vasodilation Complex
•    Powerful Pumps
•    Laser Focus
•    Endless Energy


The gym floor is not a place where you can afford to simply go through the motions. Unless you enter the gym with a fierce determination to slay your workout and the energy to back up that conviction, you’re going to end up spinning your wheels. BDS Grenade is designed to ignite the fire within so that you can wreak havoc on the weights, pushing with maximum intensity right through to the very last rep.

In order to supply your body with the energy to push beyond and the focus to summon optimum intensity, BDS Grenade has brought together into one supplement two powerful complex formulations. By including clinical dosages of such proven ingredients as beta alanine, citrulline malate and caffeine anhydrous, these complexes work synergistically to transform your training experience.

Niacin (Vitamin B3)
Niacin, otherwise known as vitamin B3, is a water soluble vitamin that the body cannot produce. Niacin helps the blood vessels to dilate. This allows for a greater supply of blood to the muscle cells. The result is that you get a greater muscular pump during the workout. The greater blood flow also delivers nutrients, such as amino acids, to your muscle cells faster.
Performance Complex

Beta Alanine

Beta alanine is a naturally occurring beta-amino acid. It has the ability to increase muscle carnosine levels. The more carnosine you have in the muscle, the less fatigued you will be. As a result, beta alanine does a great job of staving off workout fatigue, increasing workout energy and allowing you to train harder for longer.


N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine is a derivative of the amino acid tyrosine. When ingested, some of it is transformed into l-tyrosine, which boosts focus and enhances the release of such neurotransmitters as dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine.

Caffeine Complex

The caffeine complex used in BDS Grenade pre workout combines caffeine anhydrous and dicaffeine malate. The result is a power blend that will provide stimulatory effects on the brain while boosting the metabolism and enhancing energy.


Octopamine is a compound that was originally derived from the salivary glands of the octopus. It acts in a similar manner to the hormone noradrenaline to increase fat metabolism and promote thermogenesis.

Cytidine 5-diphosphocholine

Cytidine 5-diphosphocholine, otherwise known as citicoline, is a naturally occurring compound which has been shown to have brain boosting effects. This will enhance your training focus and concentration.

Huperzine A

Huperzine A is a compound that comes from the Chinese club moss. It is a popular nootropic, with the ability to sharpen focus and intensity while working out.

Vasodilation Matrix
Citrulline Malate 2:1

Citrulline malate is an amino acid compound which has been shown to reduce workout fatigue and help boost training energy levels. It is a combination of the vasodilator citrulline and the ATP energy enhancer Malate. BDS Grenade combines these two compounds in a 2 to 1 ratio in favor of citrulline.

Arginine AKG

Arginine AKG is a compound that combines the salt of arginine with α-ketoglutarate. It has been shown to boost blood flow, enhance energy levels and speed up post workout recovery.


L-Ornithine is a non-essential amino acid which removes excess nitrogen from the body. In this way, it promotes strength and power enhancement when lifting weights

Beet Extract

Beet extract has been shown to boost plasma nitrate levels to facilitate improved workout performance. It is also believed to boost muscular power when training against resistance.

Q : When should I take BDS Grenade Pre Workout?

A : We recommend taking BDS Grenade about 20 minutes prior to your workout. This will provide the ideal amount of time for the active ingredients to enter the bloodstream and do their magic.

Q : Are there any side effects with BDS Grenade Pre Workout?

A : There are no side effects with BDS Grenade. All ingredients are 100% naturally sourced. The dosage of the caffeine blend equates to about 3 cups of coffee so should not produce any jittery effects in people who do not have an intolerance to caffeine.

Q : Should I also be drinking water?

A : Yes, in addition to taking BDS Grenade Pre Workout before your workout, we strongly recommend sipping from a water bottle throughout your session This will provide electrolytes to replace those lost during sweating. Staying hydrated throughout your workout will also boost your strength and energy levels and ward off training fatigue.

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